Healthy Growth.

A historic opportunity for investment and at the same time to build a better world.

LUA new economy invests in innovative businesses that are established in Spain and Portugal. We also consider businesses in other locations that wish to expand internationally from the peninsular.

In LUA we work for a world of people.
The values of LUA have arrived at a key moment and provide the jump necessary for guaranteed success in advanced business projects and private equity.

LUA is positioned between the stage of investing in venture capital and private equity, a vital moment of importance to make the international jump.

Let us focus on the companies which produce a high growth rate or have overcome the phase of greatest risk in the market, LUA can create great financial value and an attractive rentability for its investors.

We make decisions that create values.

Our Challenge:

For businesses within the New Economy with high growth potential, the world is their oyster, in particular Asia which counts for two thirds of worldwide growth.

Our Plan:

The innovative aspect of LUA is to identify the changes in consumer habits that produce new era technology and which the crisis and pandemic are accelerating. This product should therefore be global.

On which sectors do we focus:

The product should be different in the sectors where demand grows, agriculture, health, aerospace, 4.0 industries, circular economy, sustainability: with the focus on digital transformation and in cutting edge technologies: artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cybersecurity and internet.

17 objectives to better our world:
All the chosen businesses by LUA incorporate their strategy to comply with sustainable development objectives of the United Nations.

We are the impulse for a new business reality both social and educational. A better country a stronger Europe is possible and we will achieve this together.