Want to invest?

Are you looking for cost-effectiveness? LUAfund.

Our CHALLENGE is to obtain the best COST-EFFICIENCY. We have both the expertise and the team to achieve this cost-effectiveness. We focus on innovative projects with international scalability that offer a direct benefit in society and which have a positive impact on the planet. We are convinced that this is the path to success, and WE ARE ALL ABLE TO BENEFIT.

A historic opportunity for investment and to build, at the same time a better world

We invest in innovative companies that already have a tested business model with a high potential for international growth and scalability.

The value of LUA comes at a key moment and is the necessary and definitive leap for the success of an advanced business project

We position ourselves between the stage where Venture Capital and Private Equity invest; a moment of vital importance in taking the international leap.

We offer high return because we have the ability to detect new talent with great potential

By focusing on high-growth companies that have already passed the early stages, LUA can create great value and profitability that is very attractive to shareholders.

At LUA with data analysis, we have identified more than 5,000 companies with high growth potential. They all have an entrepreneur with the know how to manage, have an innovative product and are internationally scalable

Which sectors offer the most profitability with the least risk?

Artificial intelligence

750 million consumers for the Spanish and Portuguese market in addition to Hispanics in the US

Aerospace technology

Telecommunications, cities and agriculture. Spain is part of Airbus and has very advanced technology

Renewable energy

In the next decade the entire production and transport system will have to adapt to the solar revolution

Social innovation

Today technology allows citizens to act and work for a more sustainable society

Circular economy

Spain is a world leader in urban water cycle engineering management, recycling and reuse


Big data and artificial intelligence make it possible to better understand consumer habits and behavior


In Spain and Portugal, the cybersecurity ecosystem offers attractive investment opportunities


We are in a new green revolution to produce bio-organic and sustainable foods

Our method makes it possible to make decisions that create value

LUAs innovation is being able to identify the changes in consumer habits that the new technological age is producing and that the pandemic and crisis will continue to accelerate. Hence, this product must be global

We want to make good companies great. That’s why we will accompany them every step of the way, helping them to grow and generate profits creating employment, introducing new ideas and with sustainability

All companies chosen by LUA incorporating their strategy, comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives.

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    Minimum investment of 100,000 euros