Make it happen!

We want to build a better and more sustainable world with profitable and secure investments.

At LUAfund we contribute both capital and a profound knowledge in management and technology with the capacity necessary to aid the best talent and it’s companies in sustainable growth by creating quality and valued employment.

We want to create opportunities.
Innovate. Act. Invest. Grow.

Our mission

We are living in times of great uncertainty which we overcome with rigor, ideas and responsibility. Our work propels a healthy society and a safer planet for all.

Our objective

Guiding innovative businesses with demonstrated talent in the expansion process, creating employment with dignified salaries and strengthening our economic system to achieve a shared benefit.

How we achieve this

With the proven and accredited experience of the Lua management team, we seek businesses that offer honesty with the guarantee of growth and assurance of success. We analyze your potential and impulse business expansion.

Growth and expansion, professionalization and a dedicated international projection are the key to our model of investment

Who we are aimed at


Maximum profitability via prudent risk management. Upmost responsibility assuring the minimum margin for error


We know where the talent is and how to make the most of it, helping your business become international, more innovative, more resilient and healthier


Creating employment, improving salaries and helping to achieve a sustainable society that respects the planet

There exists an alternative. A way that strengthens the system, propels new ideas and protects society during moments of change: LUAfund. Make it happen.

Make it real.